The Real Miss Something

My name is Julliemirl Mendoza. I make people call me JM, but some have gotten used to calling me “Jul,” so now either of the two nicknames is fine. I am 16 years old and am currently on my first year as a BACA student in UP Los Baños.

OPPOSITE EXTREMES – I am a person of opposite extremes. At one point, maybe you’ll see me being quiet and shy, but then another time you’ll see me all crazy and talkative. There are times when I like to engage in conversations with different people, sometimes I just stand in one corner, merely serving as a spectator. Often I am playful and fun, but totally dangerous when provoked. Other times I dress as fabulously as a princess, sometimes I choose to look like freshly-boiled pasta – boring and bland.

MUSIC LOVER – I am, without a doubt, a solid music lover. I appreciate all sorts of sounds (from classical to metal, no really, you name it) and languages (Filipino, English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and omg, Russian!). My favorite bands/artists are The Pretty Reckless, Sleeping with Sirens, Pierce the Veil, Evanescence, Chicosci, Never the Strangers, Hunter Hayes, Yeng Constantino, and Gloc 9. By the way, EXO is my no. 1 drug (omg yes, so cheesy!).

VARIED INTERESTS – I am the type of person who goes for anything as long as it’s interesting. Aside from being someone who is updated on the latest inventions and discoveries in science, I am an artsy person as well. I love reading books, but I don’t read new ones, only those old, beautiful ones which can be found in book sales (proud thrifty here!). I love sleeping (gosh, who doesn’t?) and I sleep whenever I get the chance. I have a passion for singing and acting, but I am yet to expose it. I like so many things, but one thing I definitely won’t like is Math (huhuhu, it hates me too, so quits! haha).

I have a great goal in life and that is to become something.

Get to know me more on my upcoming blogs! Thank you and have a great day!

xoxo, JM

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