Week 1: Ubuntu and WordPress Explorations

The Ubuntu Environment || Photo from: arstechnica.com

The Ubuntu Environment || Photo from: arstechnica.com

After last week’s course orientation, I got so excited to start our lab meetings for IT 1, my reason being almost all of the topics in the scope were already discussed in high school, if not, I already encountered them in my constant software expeditions. However, being a Windows baby all my life, Ubuntu OS is something that I heard for the first time, so I was really curious about how it works. And thus, the exploration began. Along with the instructions from Ms. Samaniego, our lab professor, and the equal excitement of my lab classmates, I familiarized myself with the Ubuntu OS.

The Ubuntu environment was not difficult to learn. Actually, navigating through the interface was easy due to the organization of the different program icons and the ever-so-reliable search box at the upper left corner of the screen. What can I say, the OS is just like Windows, except it is free, open-source, and virus-free!

The next thing we did was to create a WordPress account, the very place I am writing at right now. The process was dragging because of the very slow internet connection in Room C-100, but we got through (well, most of us did). It’s ironic, though, that the connection in the Computer department is of turtle speed. Faster internet, please! Haha.

xoxo, JM

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