Week 2: Review on the System Unit

The Inside of a System Unit || Photo from: damnsmalllinux.org

The Inside of a System Unit || Photo from: damnsmalllinux.org

After last week’s Ubuntu session, we moved on to one of the basic topics in Computer literacy, the System Unit. At the beginning of the class, our professor divided us into five groups with each group composing of five to six members. We were, then, made to pick a random topic from sheets of papers. Our group was randomly assigned a topic on the motherboard, the CPU, and the computer drive and drivers. We did a group effort to research about the subject for ten minutes, and chose one representative who will report it to the class.

When all of the representatives have finished reporting, Ms. Samaniego allowed us to have a brief review as preparation for the next activity which was identifying the parts of the system unit and their functions. As the first group, we were the first to undergo the test, and despite our anxiety, we passed it with a perfect score.

The second formal lab meeting served as a review of our elementary and high school lessons. However, I admit that it was not all easy because I have already forgotten some of the things taught back then. I found it fulfilling, though, that when a term is mentioned, I recognize it immediately and recall its meaning from the back of my mind. Having group mates to do the task with also helped with the retention, because they, too, have stock knowledge on the subject, and whatever it was I don’t know, they provide, and vice-versa.

xoxo, JM


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