Week 6: This is Not a Joke

Dahil sa umaapaw na intensity ng mga susunod na sasabihin ko, hindi ko na magawang makapag-English pa.


Joke! Mula pagkabata, alam ko nang hindi ko gusto ang mga numero at hindi rin nila ako gusto. MU nga kami kumbaga, pareho naming kinamumuhian ang isa’t isa. Buti na lang nga naka-survive ako kahit papaano sa elementary at high school math eh, ‘yun nga lang, ginapang ko talaga ‘to, lalo na ‘yung sa high school.


Joke! Sa tanang buhay ko, sa subject na ito lang ako nagkaroon ng below 85 na grade sa report card. At ang masakit pa, feeling ko nun ako lang ang hindi makaintindi dahil tuwing klase, ‘yung mga kaklase ko gets agad ‘yung lesson ni ma’am. Napakalaking joke na sabihing magaling ako sa Geometry dahil ito ang pangunahing sanhi ng mga luhang inilabas ko noong 3rd year high school.


Joke! Alam naman ng buong mundo na sobra akong nag-struggle para lang ma-gets ‘tong lesson na ‘to. Nagpaturo pa ako sa pinsan ko at ilang ulit na binalik-balikan ang notes bago ko naintindihan ang mga proseso. Halos 20 pages din ‘yung pinrint kong sample exercises bago mag-exam para masigurong kaya kong mag-convert and all.

Tatlong hindi makatotohanang bagay. Tatlong pangarap. Tatlong jokes.


xoxo, JM

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Week 5: Fear No More

The day started with me being depressed
Because I haven’t gotten any rest
For loathed binary arithmetic
Has put my mind in a state of  panic.

Along came our laboratory prof
With papers whose contents I could already think of
Exercises in number systems
I know will surely beat my rhythm.

Explain she did and what an explanation it was
Detailed and thorough, it wasn’t just-just
The lesson that confused me so much
With the prof’s help I understood topnotch!

Papers were handed out, pairs were then made
Solve the problems with your partner’s aid
Focus it required and focus we gave
We worked on it, determined and brave.

And very unexpected it turned out
When we finished it in wonderful turnout
We were one of the firsts which others adored
Oh, binary arithmetic, I fear you no more!

xoxo, JM

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Week 4: Lab-less and Brainless

Ms. Samaniego's announcement, yay!

Ms. Samaniego’s announcement, yay!

A random poem about what transpired over the past week.

Early birds we were

None of us aware

Switched on the units

Only to find a twist

In clear, black streaks

Sections V and G, no lab this week!

The week started fine

With no headaches in line

But I knew all was gone

When lecture got me done

Oh, binary arithmetic

You killed me with a flick!

It is now no secret

That math takes away my breath

Not in the romantic way

But in a very tragic slay

Then I realized one thing

That is I understood nothing.

Good news broadcasted

But arithmetic happened

The beginning was nice

But the end had spice

Lab-less was the team

But brainless I had seemed.

xoxo, JM

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Week 3: Numbers, Numbers, More Numbers!

For our third week in IT 1, we dealt with my most dreaded thing – numbers. It was not that hard, though because it was a discussion about the number system, the way of the computer to process data. After going through the basic types or bases of numbers, we proceeded to conversion. There were a number of processes involved, including addition, multiplication, and division, depending on the unit or base to be converted. The process was not that hard since a step-by-step method was provided beforehand.

Right after the discussion, we were divided into five groups, and were given five minutes to review what had just been taught to us. Then, the game began! For every round, each group sent a representative to do the assigned conversion on the board. Our group decided on an order, and each member did his or her part very well. At the end of the game, our team emerged as one of the lowest scorers, but it was still all right because we know we did our best to answer each item quickly yet accurately, and other groups were really just faster than us. Excuses, haha!

xoxo, JM


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