Week 3: Numbers, Numbers, More Numbers!

For our third week in IT 1, we dealt with my most dreaded thing – numbers. It was not that hard, though because it was a discussion about the number system, the way of the computer to process data. After going through the basic types or bases of numbers, we proceeded to conversion. There were a number of processes involved, including addition, multiplication, and division, depending on the unit or base to be converted. The process was not that hard since a step-by-step method was provided beforehand.

Right after the discussion, we were divided into five groups, and were given five minutes to review what had just been taught to us. Then, the game began! For every round, each group sent a representative to do the assigned conversion on the board. Our group decided on an order, and each member did his or her part very well. At the end of the game, our team emerged as one of the lowest scorers, but it was still all right because we know we did our best to answer each item quickly yet accurately, and other groups were really just faster than us. Excuses, haha!

xoxo, JM


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