Week 4: Lab-less and Brainless

Ms. Samaniego's announcement, yay!

Ms. Samaniego’s announcement, yay!

A random poem about what transpired over the past week.

Early birds we were

None of us aware

Switched on the units

Only to find a twist

In clear, black streaks

Sections V and G, no lab this week!

The week started fine

With no headaches in line

But I knew all was gone

When lecture got me done

Oh, binary arithmetic

You killed me with a flick!

It is now no secret

That math takes away my breath

Not in the romantic way

But in a very tragic slay

Then I realized one thing

That is I understood nothing.

Good news broadcasted

But arithmetic happened

The beginning was nice

But the end had spice

Lab-less was the team

But brainless I had seemed.

xoxo, JM

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