Week 5: Fear No More

The day started with me being depressed
Because I haven’t gotten any rest
For loathed binary arithmetic
Has put my mind in a state of  panic.

Along came our laboratory prof
With papers whose contents I could already think of
Exercises in number systems
I know will surely beat my rhythm.

Explain she did and what an explanation it was
Detailed and thorough, it wasn’t just-just
The lesson that confused me so much
With the prof’s help I understood topnotch!

Papers were handed out, pairs were then made
Solve the problems with your partner’s aid
Focus it required and focus we gave
We worked on it, determined and brave.

And very unexpected it turned out
When we finished it in wonderful turnout
We were one of the firsts which others adored
Oh, binary arithmetic, I fear you no more!

xoxo, JM

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