Week 7: GIMP Pleads

After last week’s brain-wrecking and headache-causing discussion, I stepped into the laboratory filled with thoughts of finally breaking free from our lessons on Boolean Algebra. I was so excited since it was written on our course outline that the next lesson we would have is on GIMP. Wait, let me restate that.


Okay, so I was literally squealing in the lab because oh my goodness, heaven knows how much I waited for this. Why? Simply because I already have an advanced GIMP skills. I was already plotting on how exercises on this topic would pull my grades up, because you know, my marks aren’t so good now because of Boolean Algebra. But then our prof came with an announcement.

“We won’t be taking up GIMP dahil naniniwala ako na masyado nang luma ‘yun para sa atin.”

I am not amused. No offense, Ma’am, but GIMP’s not too old for anyone! My classmates in IT 1 lab don’t even know what it is, because when I showed them my works, they were amazed and were asking me how I was able to do those. See that? I want them to learn too for I believe that GIMP is worth studying and doing so is not a waste of time.

So please, please, please let’s take up GIMP. *cries a river*

xoxo, JM

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