Paano mo hihilahin pabalik ang isang kaibigang tila lumalayo ang loob at nagiging dahilan ng pag-iyak?

Paano mo isasalba ang isang pagkakaibigang kung hindi dahil sa lamat ay maaari pa sanang mas mamulaklak?



I thought you were merely an acquaintance

I used to talk to you with reluctance

But then we conversed heart to heart by chance

Wondered why I kept tremendous distance.


It was a mystery how we grew close

With one another we were so engrossed

Helping me find my essence and purpose

You served as the Yang of this Yin-like rose.


We got closer – perhaps a bit too much

It was unforeseen that my heart was snatched

I now try to find out how to detach

For I was in too deep – and no one catched.