(An Attempt) for A Ten-Year Leap


I like to live in the here and now. I am a person of the present.┬áPeople who know me personally are aware that I don’t like imagining things that are likely to happen in the future; but for whatever’s sake, I shall do this.

I imagine myself as a strong, independent 28-year-old. Perhaps I will be a rock star, perhaps a theatre coach, perhaps a professor, perhaps a freelance writer, perhaps a professional graphic editor, perhaps an agent in a marketing firm, perhaps a travel show host, perhaps an owner of a successful local business, perhaps all of these. I don’t know. I will be what I will be.

I am trying, okay? All right, I’ll imagine the basics instead.

I guess I will have things figured out by then. I will have found myself and what I really want to do. In ten years, I will not be spending nights crying because of the hollow feeling I get from doing the repetitive things that I do. By that time, I swear to everyone, especially myself, I will have found my spirit.

In ten years, I will be the same live-in-the-here-and-now person. I will not compromise this freedom for things that are yet to come.