Week 13: Code Error

Have I mentioned before that programming is very easy? Not yet? Well, don’t expect me to ever say that, because writing codes is freaking hard! Unfortunately, our 13th lab meeting revolved around it. At the beginning of the class, we were given handouts, which were filled with codes and such. Ma’am Kim, then explained the lesson, and in all fairness, I somehow understood it unlike when it was tackled during the lecture class wherein my comprehension of the subject dropped to a negative value. After that, we executed all of the examples printed on the papers. It wasn’t that difficult since all we needed to do was to copy the format of the examples, and voila! Lastly, we had an exercise wherein we were tasked to make a program that would compute the GWA of the user and tell whether s/he is a university or college scholar, or a part of the honor roll, and whether s/he passed or failed the subject. It was confusing at first since I had a different notion on how to write conditions, but with the help of my partner, I managed to do it, and contrary to the title, we did it without any error!



Week 12: Writing Codes the Fun Way

O to the M to the G! (Mendoza, 2014) Malapit nang matapos ang first sem, I can’t even…Anyway, 12th week na nga kaya hindi ko inasahang marami kaming gagawin sa IT lab. Pero ‘yun nga, natural na sigurong ma-defy ng iba’t ibang occurences ang ating expectations, kaya for the first time, nagamit ang buong 3 hours for laboratory. Okay lang kasi masaya naman ‘yung pinagawa sa amin. Pinaglaro kami ni Ma’am sa codes.org ba ‘yun, basta katunog nun. HIndi ko inakalang pwedeng magsaya habang gumagawa ng codes. ((Lol. Asa namang ganun ang ginagawa ng programmers. Asa, Julliemirl, asa.))

xoxo, JM

Week 10: Google Forms Cont.

For our 10th week in IT, we continued with our lesson about Google Forms. We were not supposed to have a class that day, but due to a certain humorous misunderstanding between Ma’am Kim and the rest of the class, we had one. What we did was just simple though, so it didn’t feel like we had a class. Each group, the same as what we had during the movie review assignment, was tasked to create a survey that must be answered by UPLB students. The groups, then gathered for a brief brainstorming. However, the internet conncection in the labporatory was so slow, so our prof made the activity a take-home exercise.

Week 9: Fun with Google Forms

The lab meeting this week served as a continuation of the session last week wherein we tackled Google Drive. However, moving on from the Documents part, we now discussed about Google Forms, a feature which enables users to make survey forms online.

First, we opened a link posted on the aytiwan blog site, and it directed us to a wikihow tutorial on how to use Google Forms. We, then visited the site and, with an instruction from Ma’am Samaniego, made a survey about anything we could think of. Personally, i made a random survey form about the musical taste of people. Afterwards, iĀ  sent it to my lab mates for them to answer. Wanting to have more fun, I answered theirs in return. Honestly, it was so fun to reply to the witty questions written by them. I never knew making survey forms could be this fun and convenient! šŸ™‚

xoxo, JM

Week 8: Google Docs War

We’re on our eighth week! Omg, I can’t believe it! I remember the first day of classes like it was yesterday. Char! Anyway, our discussion this week revolved around Document Collaboration using Google Drive. Our prof just went through the parts and functions as we explored the Drive. After that, we were instructed to create our own documents which we shared with our labmates. The highlight of that meeting, however, is highlight writing of attendance. We did it on a Google document shared by Ms. Samaniego, and yeah, it seemed like a war of anonymous animals fighting for a spot! It was so fun, seriously. šŸ™‚

xoxo, JM

Week 7: GIMP Pleads

After last week’s brain-wrecking and headache-causing discussion, I stepped into the laboratory filled with thoughts of finally breaking free from our lessons on Boolean Algebra. I was so excited since it was written on our course outline that the next lesson we would have is on GIMP. Wait, let me restate that.


Okay, so I was literally squealing in the lab because oh my goodness, heaven knows how much I waited for this. Why? Simply because I already have an advanced GIMP skills. I was already plotting on how exercises on this topic would pull my grades up, because you know, my marks aren’t so good now because of Boolean Algebra. But then our prof came with an announcement.

“We won’t be taking up GIMP dahil naniniwala ako na masyado nang luma ‘yun para sa atin.”

I am not amused. No offense, Ma’am, but GIMP’s not too old for anyone! My classmates in IT 1 lab don’t even know what it is, because when I showed them my works, they were amazed and were asking me how I was able to do those. See that? I want them to learn too for I believe that GIMP is worth studying and doing so is not a waste of time.

So please, please, please let’s take up GIMP. *cries a river*

xoxo, JM

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Week 6: This is Not a Joke

Dahil sa umaapaw na intensity ng mga susunod na sasabihin ko, hindi ko na magawang makapag-English pa.


Joke! Mula pagkabata, alam ko nang hindi ko gusto ang mga numero at hindi rin nila ako gusto. MU nga kami kumbaga, pareho naming kinamumuhian ang isa’t isa. Buti na lang nga naka-survive ako kahit papaano sa elementary at high school math eh, ‘yun nga lang, ginapang ko talaga ‘to, lalo na ‘yung sa high school.


Joke! Sa tanang buhay ko, sa subject na ito lang ako nagkaroon ng below 85 na grade sa report card. At ang masakit pa, feeling ko nun ako lang ang hindi makaintindi dahil tuwing klase, ‘yung mga kaklase ko gets agad ‘yung lesson ni ma’am. Napakalaking joke na sabihing magaling ako sa Geometry dahil ito ang pangunahing sanhi ng mga luhang inilabas ko noong 3rd year high school.


Joke! Alam naman ng buong mundo na sobra akong nag-struggle para lang ma-gets ‘tong lesson na ‘to. Nagpaturo pa ako sa pinsan ko at ilang ulit na binalik-balikan ang notes bago ko naintindihan ang mga proseso. Halos 20 pages din ‘yung pinrint kong sample exercises bago mag-exam para masigurong kaya kong mag-convert and all.

Tatlong hindi makatotohanang bagay. Tatlong pangarap. Tatlong jokes.


xoxo, JM

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