Demons Inside

You don’t know how cruel it is
For me to witness the demons inside you be released,
Emerging, winning,
Taking full control of your being

A million times I have seen
You drink the first drops of your yin
It was so normal for you,
It wasn’t like anything new

Many times I have beheld
How it was only in booze you excelled,
And how expertly you lose your sanity
Once you have downed your reverse remedy

Your demons never left a scar on my skin,
But what they inflicted was very akin
Their sharp tongues wounded me more than they should,
They made me tremble more than I thought they would

Pain, anger, and hatred
They ignited in me like flames so red
In time, I was fed up
Your demons killed me, I’ve had more than enough

Fuck, it wasn’t easy at all!
Its existence made me build high walls
That even I could not break
So I won’t get any more hurt if ever your demons awake

I used to care for you without expectations,
But your demons swept away all affections
Gone were the feelings as precious as gold
Now, when it comes to you, I am ice cold

I know when the time comes that your demons claim their triumph
And take the life
You so aimlessly lived without a match,
I will probably mourn — but not so much.