Demons Inside

You don’t know how cruel it is
For me to witness the demons inside you be released,
Emerging, winning,
Taking full control of your being

A million times I have seen
You drink the first drops of your yin
It was so normal for you,
It wasn’t like anything new

Many times I have beheld
How it was only in booze you excelled,
And how expertly you lose your sanity
Once you have downed your reverse remedy

Your demons never left a scar on my skin,
But what they inflicted was very akin
Their sharp tongues wounded me more than they should,
They made me tremble more than I thought they would

Pain, anger, and hatred
They ignited in me like flames so red
In time, I was fed up
Your demons killed me, I’ve had more than enough

Fuck, it wasn’t easy at all!
Its existence made me build high walls
That even I could not break
So I won’t get any more hurt if ever your demons awake

I used to care for you without expectations,
But your demons swept away all affections
Gone were the feelings as precious as gold
Now, when it comes to you, I am ice cold

I know when the time comes that your demons claim their triumph
And take the life
You so aimlessly lived without a match,
I will probably mourn — but not so much.


Past Tense

You were an admirable role
You were a distant goal
You were the desire of my soul
You were

You reached, I reached
You gave when I beseeched
You showed kindness so rich
You did

You became a reason to smile
You became why I ran miles
You became one with me for a while
You became

You became my best friend
You became the model for me to amend
You became my hope until the end
You became

You said together we will stand
You promised you will still hold my hand
You proclaimed our bond as still as a grain of sand
You did

You were once my undoubted acquaintance
You were once the mirror of my deviance
You were once the meaning of my existence
You were.