Like the skies, unbounded
Like the tears of the brokenhearted
They don’t stop

Weird thoughts in my head
Consuming me
Devouring me
Never dead

The likes of me
Lurking in the dark
Not leaving any mark
Always hiding from thee

I believe I am meant
To grow dangerous fangs
To have bloodred eyes
But I have nothing at the moment

I believe I am fated
To do what is despised
To have my heart covered in ice
But right now I hate to be hated

I believe I am bound
To step into the night
To be the cause of fright
But I don’t dare be found

Biting, sucking
Draining, freeing
Biting, sucking
Draining – killing

A cycle so vicious
So frightful
So sinful
A deed so monstrous

I am a higher being
Owning everyone I’m seeing

I am a vampire
No one can convince me otherwise
Though they say to believe that is unwise
Yes, I am a vampire

I am a vampire
Whoever says no
Whoever says “grow!”
Shall fall into fire

I am a vampire
I believe so
I feel so
I am a vampire

No, perhaps I’m just a madman
But this is precisely who I am