Week 13: Code Error

Have I mentioned before that programming is very easy? Not yet? Well, don’t expect me to ever say that, because writing codes is freaking hard! Unfortunately, our 13th lab meeting revolved around it. At the beginning of the class, we were given handouts, which were filled with codes and such. Ma’am Kim, then explained the lesson, and in all fairness, I somehow understood it unlike when it was tackled during the lecture class wherein my comprehension of the subject dropped to a negative value. After that, we executed all of the examples printed on the papers. It wasn’t that difficult since all we needed to do was to copy the format of the examples, and voila! Lastly, we had an exercise wherein we were tasked to make a program that would compute the GWA of the user and tell whether s/he is a university or college scholar, or a part of the honor roll, and whether s/he passed or failed the subject. It was confusing at first since I had a different notion on how to write conditions, but with the help of my partner, I managed to do it, and contrary to the title, we did it without any error!



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